Minecraft/Spigot keeps almost waking up, hourly

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
AMP Triton v2.3.1.0
Build: 13/01/2022 21:16

On my Minecraft/Spigot instance it is set to sleep when there are no players on and to wake up when someone connects (specifically not when they ping).

I have these triggers set up to send messages to disc0rd:
1 ‘A player tries to join the server while it’s sleeping’
2 ‘The server wakes up from sleep mode due to player connect’

While the server is asleep I receive message #1 on disc0rd on 31 minutes past the hour. The messages are perfectly spaced by an hour. These messages aren’t followed by #2.

There are only 4 other players who are whitelisted on this private server and none of them are attempting to connect and causing this.

What can be happening that is causing message 1 without then leading to message 2? If the server is waking hourly, why isn’t it waking fully?

Just to note when players do try to legitimately connect, we get message #1, then #2 and the server wakes up properly and they can play.

I would like to stop the ‘erroneous’ disc0rd messages.

When I check minecraft logs there is no log data for the times correpsonding to the ‘almost’ waking up. AMP doesn’t show anything relevant either in the audit log.

Is there any other reason why AMP might be triggering the “A player tries to join the server while it’s sleeping” event?

Can someone advise on how I might improve the logging to find whether spigot (or a plugin) is doing something weird hourly?

many thanks

[p.s. the post editor seems to auto link the word discord and then not let me post something with more than 2 links in, hence the broken spelling]

Your server has probably been posted on some server list, and your server is being polled by that list - which is waking it up. They don’t necessarily use the ‘Ping’ mechanic and may actually try and connect which will trigger a wakeup.

I’ve added some logging so it will tell you why it woke up - and what host caused the wake up.

Thanks Mike!

(sorry for belated reply, you got spam flagged by my email which is incredibly rude of it and I’ve given it an appropriate telling off)

that is an excellent feature mike! if possible also posting to a syslog server would be enormously featureful!