Minecraft Multiple Instances and Threads

I’ve been using AMP/MCMA for a long time, works great, thanks!

I’d like to step up my hosting and a second/third MC server. I know MC is single threaded, but does AMP have a way to manage that?

If I have a 6 Core CPU, and run 3 Instances of MC, will AMP spread those out so they aren’t fighting over the same CPU core? Or am I thinking about how cores/threads work incorrectly?

I’m looking at upgrading my server, currently on an 8th Gen i3. Wanting to understand this so I know if I should just stick to a better i3 (13th) or switch to an i5 with more cores.

Which cores are used by an application is down to the OS and this is the best way. There are tools to enforce applications to specific cores but mostly the OS does a better job than you ever can

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