(Minecraft Forge) Server doesn't use full ram

OS Name/Version: VPS Debian 10 18GB RAM Common KVM processor (8C\8T)

Product Name/Version: AMP Release “Triton” v2.3.4.4, built 26/07/2022 20:08

Problem Description: I run a modded minecraft server with 17GB of allocated ram. The monitoring shows that 6000MB from 17408MB are used the graph never changes and is always “capped” at around 6GB of memory usage. the monitoring of the VPS shows that the 17 GB ram are used/allocated. My question is if the monitoring is displaying the usage incorrectly or if it is capped by something else.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1 allocate ram
  • Step 2 go to the monitoring tab
  • Step 3 see that ram issent used fully

Actions taken to resolve so far: restarting, changing Xms/Xmx

That means you probably have the Memory Limit set under Java and Memory.

as i explained my memory limit is set
to 17GB

Can you show what you’re seeing for memory usage?

the ram usage fluctuate little but never goes above 7gb ram even if the server is lagging hard (around 10 TPS )

That means it doesn’t need any more memory and the performance issue lies elsewhere. It is not a case of “more memory is more faster”.

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