Minecraft Failed to Bind to Port

OS Name/Version: Debian 11 x64 (bullseye)

Product Name/Version: AMP Release “Decadeus”**
**v2.4.3.6, built 07/05/2023 12:05 | Minecraft 1.18.2 Paper Server

Problem Description:
I have a MC server running on a schedule restart once a day, but occasionally when it restart’s it Fails to Bind to Port. Its the default 25565. I only have 1 Mc server running, 1 MC instance built and running.

The exception was: io.netty.channel.unix.Errors$NativeIoException: bind(…) failed: Address already in use
Perhaps a server is already running on that port?

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1: Start the server or have the server schedule a Restart daily

Actions taken to resolve so far: I’ve looked online and troubleshoot this several times.
The only way I can get the server to start again once this issue occurs is to Restart the MC Instance.
But I would like to not have to do this every day or every other day when this happens.

Do you have sleep mode active?

Yes I do. Is this what causes the issue?

This could be the cause. Try disabling sleep mode and see if the problem occurs again