Minecraft error

OS Name/Version: Windows 10

Product Name/Version: Minecraft Spigot 1.18.2

Problem Description: Minecraft server error, not allowing the server to start.

joptsimple.UnrecognizedOptionException: o is not a recognized option
at joptsimple.OptionException.unrecognizedOption(OptionException.java:108) ~[jopt-simple-5.0.4.jar:?]
at joptsimple.OptionParser.validateOptionCharacters(OptionParser.java:633) ~[jopt-simple-5.0.4.jar:?]
at joptsimple.OptionParser.handleShortOptionCluster(OptionParser.java:528) ~[jopt-simple-5.0.4.jar:?]
at joptsimple.OptionParser.handleShortOptionToken(OptionParser.java:523) ~[jopt-simple-5.0.4.jar:?]
at joptsimple.OptionParserState$2.handleArgument(OptionParserState.java:59) ~[jopt-simple-5.0.4.jar:?]
at joptsimple.OptionParser.parse(OptionParser.java:396) ~[jopt-simple-5.0.4.jar:?]
at net.minecraft.server.Main.main(SourceFile:84) ~[server-1.18.2.jar:?]
at net.minecraft.bundler.Main.lambda$run$0(Main.java:54) ~[?:?]
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:833) [?:?]

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1: Open AMP
  • Step 2: Start the server and go to “manage”
  • Step 3: Once loaded in it says " Unable to start server. The Minecraft server stopped within 5 seconds of starting, this is not a fault with AMP - you should check your Minecraft servers log files to find out why it is unable to start."

Actions taken to resolve so far: I’ve tried finding the “run.bat” file to see if I could edit it but I haven’t been able to find it so far.

Make sure that you’re using Java 17 in AMP and that the correct server type and server JAR is selected.

Thanks this worked! I just had to change it from Spigot to official.