Minecraft Bedrock won't Update to newest version

OS Name/Version: Debian 11 on Proxmox

Product Name/Version: v2.4.5.4 Decadeus

Problem Description:
I can’t update on the newest Minecraft Bedrock version. It’s always staying on the version “”

When i Press on Update, the console shows nothing but then i press start it shows this:

[15:16:54] NO LOG FILE! - setting up server logging...
Starting Server
Session ID b062b6e3-d138-4944-802a-7d6d6f0bcddc
Build ID 1.19.72
Branch r/19_u7
Commit ID 359c5775db155aacdee016dd7bba3ea349f3fbdb
Configuration Publish
Level Name: world
Game mode: 0 Survival
Difficulty: 2 NORMAL
opening worlds/world/db
IPv4 supported, port: 27500: Used for gameplay
IPv6 supported, port: 27501: Used for gameplay
Server started.
================ TELEMETRY MESSAGE ===================
Server Telemetry is currently not enabled.
Enabling this telemetry helps us improve the game.

Actions taken to resolve so far:

I downloaded the newest bedrock files from the minecraft site for the version 1.20.1 and after importing them and starting the server, the instance goes into a weird state with it won’t start the server.

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