Minecraft Bedrock server doesn't update to latest version

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 22.10 in Proxmox Container

Product Name/Version: 2.4.3, latest as of time of writing

Problem Description:

When creating or updating Minecraft Bedrock instances, the version ends up on v1.19.72 but the latest is 1.19.83. As a result, clients cannot connect.
Steps to reproduce:

Create a new Minecraft Bedrock instance
Update it
Attempt to connect via Bedrock client and get a server outdated message

Actions taken to resolve so far:
Updated AMP, restarted AMP, created new instances, deleted server file from instances, nothing has worked.

Were you able to get it updated? The instance must be restarted for existing ones. Also sometimes (often) Microsoft doesn’t release the server until days after the client is updated. It’s a big pain point with Bedrock.

Sorry for the late reply. So far, no luck. It’s still at

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