Minecraft Bedrock on beta version instead of stable


OS Name/Version: Debian 11 kernel 5.10.0-14-amd64

Product Name/Version: AMP v.

Problem Description:

Minecraft bedrock server on beta version rather than stable, although in the instance config, Stable train is selected.

Starting Server
Version 1.19.10-beta20
Session ID cd34f754-8c2b-4f3e-99e2-01504a49ca1e
Level Name: world
Game mode: 0 Survival
Difficulty: 2 NORMAL
opening worlds/world/db

Which in the end will trigger a client error message:

Client version at the moment of writing: 1.18.31

This is on Microsoft. They decided to not release a dedicated server for this version of Bedrock client. A new release should be out tomorrow.

Thanks Ice! I will be patiently wait until tomorrow with my kid stepping on my nerves. :smiley: