Minecraft bedrock how to enable 1.20 features?

I’m running a minecraft bedrock server for my son, and a while ago it was updated to version 1.20.

The first time my son logged in, he got some kind of question, i think to enable the new features of 1.20, and he probably clicked “no” or “the wrong button”. One of the things he’s been looking forward to are the new bamboo blocks, but he can’t make them for some reason. I’ve also logged into the server and i can’t make them either (its a simple recipe just 9 bamboo).
However, i was able to use /give cheat to give myself a bamboo block, so the server IS updated, probably just the new feautres are disabled.

I’ve been searching multiple times for a way to enable the new 1.20 features but i can’t find anything, so now i’m asking here. Are ther any commands or settings-file i can change to enable the new stuff?


Using new blocks sometimes requires that you generate a brand new world. They won’t spawn into an existing world that has already been generated.

But these blocks should be buildt from materials i allready have, but i’m not able to. Are you sure there isn’t some way to “enable” it on the server?

I found something since yesterday. I was looking around in the files, and in a file called “level.dat” there is this: “world_version”:“version.post_1_18”}" and this “InventoryVersion 1.18.2”

I’ve tried googling that too but didn’t find much… Considering trying to just change it to 1.20 (or whatever is the current versjon)…

Making a new world would be bad because then he’d loose all he’s made in it… (right?)

Are you certain that 1.20 is the version that’s loading? Is that what it says in the log?

Just restarted the server:

Starting Server
Session ID: 9d0afb8a-4c38-4d90-8883-056f779864e7

I can also cheat and see some of the new things in game.

This would be a Mojang question then. AMP isn’t responsible for any in-game behaviour.

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