Minecraft 1.19.2 Forge

How would I go about setting up a 1.19.2 server with the latest forge? There is no custom jar file any more so I can’t use that option, as far as I know. Are you planning on adding it to the preinstalled list?


Restart AMP and it’ll update the list of forge versions.

I thought I’d already done that but I will try again. Does it just need restarting or updating?

To be clear 1.19.2 not 1.19.

I had done that - It’s not on the list.

Just restarting, and the Minecraft instance specifically. Check the instances logs to make sure it’s querying the Forge version information OK.

I’ve restarted and it looks like its querying just fine. 1.19 is on the list but not the latest 1.19.2.

If I can’t it’s not an issue I’ll just have to use an older set of mods for now and miss out a few.

Did you maybe just look at the top of the list? The sorting is a little bit weird and 1.19.2 and 1.19.1 are below 1.19

Ah, how foolish am I! You are correct, it is below the 19.1 listings.

Thanks guys.