McMyAdmin 2 license applies successfully, but doesn't stay. Only 10 users

OS Name/Version: Debian 9 Stretch

Product Name/Version: McMyAdmin Professional v2.7.1.4

Problem Description:

When I apply my license key, it says it is successful. Logs state that license is valid, yet, I still am limited to 10 users, and the control panel looks as if it has not been licensed. I have tried applying it with the command line and the web GUI, each time success! but never seems to make a difference. I have have tried starting clean, brand new account, brand new folder, fresh install, restarted the service server several times grasping at straws… all with the same result. I am using a standard user account to install and start McMyAdmin, ownership and permissions on folders are correct, been working on this all day, can’t imagine what is wrong; would be most grateful for any insight. Thanks in advance.

We no longer offer support for McMyAdmin 2 Personal/Pro. Standing advice is to upgrade to AMP which will accept an McMyAdmin 2 licence key for creating Minecraft servers.

Debian 9 is also end-of-life as of June 30th 2022 and as such no longer supported by CubeCoders products, so you should also upgrade to a newer distribution - ideally Debian 11.