Many games do not seem to work - New and fresh installs on many popular platforms

OS Name/Version: Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2016 (Hyper-v) Windows Server 2019 (Hyper-v) Linux Debian11

Product Name/Version: (Always use the full version number - not ‘Latest’)
AMP Release “Halimede”

v2.4.0.6, built 29/09/2022 16:10

Problem Description:
I am brand new to AMP and we are considering the Enterprise options to resell, however, in the environments listed above many of the games we are trying have some serious issues. The product installs and is beautiful, great interface and a joy to use.
Of these games
We tried:


The Forest


7 Days to die


Conan Exile

Killing floor 2


Only The forest and Valheim consistently would run and connect with game clients in the test LAN. We used two LANS for testing, one with a full windows DNS and domain controller and one without. We used 4 different hardware platforms. Windows Server Hyper-v (two of these one running 2016 and one running 2019) on an HP DL380 hardware bare metal. Then we virtualized windows 10, windows 11, Debian 11. When this did not work we tried bare metal windows 10 and 11 on a Dell 7810 and finished up trying it on a gaming laptop (Dell XPS G15)
Initially we learned about the C++ redistributable needs on windows and that helped keep the instances running and allowed us to see that the game servers were actually online. Our Debian Linux instance Actually suffered a memory leak running Ark and used up 96GB of ram crashing the Hyper-V, as of yet still no luck with Ark.

The main concern here is that we expected AMP to be a turn-key solution to resell servers to the public as a service, but with all of that testing and only being able to easily get Valheim to work, and with some work the forest it seems like we are either missing a serious step or there is something wrong with our environment.

Steps to reproduce:

Load up an HP DL380 with newly installed Hyper-v and start building windows and Debian 11 VM’s then follow the guide on the AMP website to install AMP and simply install any game server using the published methods on the cubecoders website. All of our testing was done using fresh OS installs and VM’s Only the Hyper-v’s were previously installed and running in a lab environment.

Actions taken to resolve so far:
We have spent 3 days in Discord asking various questions trying to understand what is going on. We have deleted our servers, reinstalled them, updated the Linux firewalls and packages added various libraries (C++ Redistributable on windows) and bought various games to test “Other Servers” as requested by support staff in Discord (thanks guys I actually needed to grow my game library)

If you’re deploying on Linux, the best way to make sure that the apps will start reliably is to use AMPs docker mode during installation. The images are pre-tested and validated to work with the games that target them.

Some games run by using Wine or other compatibility layers that may not be present on the host, so using the Docker mode also avoids you having to pollute the host environment with unnecessary packages.

The absolute simplest solution:

  • Start with a fresh Debian 11 VM
  • When the setup scripts asks if you want to use Docker, select Yes.

Then spin up a Satisfactory instance and report back, and we’ll guide you through getting connected to that and diagnosing any problems we run into along the way.