Looking for a working Win 2019 Server instructions for AMP

OS Name: Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard

Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763

Problem Description: Windows Server instructions are not viable. For example, I can not make an account named AMP, I am forced to put in a web address. I am already using my Web Address, so it fails.

Is there an actual Win 2019 Server AMP install guide?

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Humm… Maybe I am following the wrong server instructions?

Perhaps I need to use the CORE Server install?

Installation on Server Core

System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2016 Core or Newer
  • Administrator access with Powershell
  • .Net Framework 4.7.1 runtime
  • UAC Enabled (AMP will not function correctly if UAC has been disabled!)
Start -> Computer Management
Select 'Local Users and Groups' from the left
Left click Users to select it, then right click to add a new user with a username of AMP
Right click the new user in the Users list, enter its Properties and add it to the Administrators group

Worked fine for me…

Thank you for the links. I went ahead and installed using the Core Server instructions. Everything seems to work except for the localhost:8080 port. Nothing there. I will be thumbing through the forums to see if I can find the fix. Someone noobish like me must have had the same problem before. :slight_smile:

No luck yet…

If you’re using a Windows Server edition with a desktop you can follow the regular tutorial video, just make sure you create a separate user and don’t use ‘Administrator’.

Thanks for the thoughts… The problem was that I already had a webserver running on the 2019 server.