Login loop for ADS Controller Ubuntu

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS

Product Name/Version: Triton (I think)

Problem Description:

My bare metal server was restarted and the VM that hosts the controller instance for ADS cannot start the controller instance for AMP. There seems to be a login loop that I am unable to get past to start the instance.

I have 2 logins to Ubuntu: will which is the administrative account that I created when I installed Ubuntu and amp that was created when I installed AMP.

When trying to run the instance logged in as will, the CLI states that there are no instances that exist for the logged in user, but there is another account ‘amp’

When trying to log in as amp with the command ‘sudo su -l amp’ and run ampinstmgr -a, it states that “you cannot start instances that I don’t own as a non-root user. You are amp and this instance belongs to will”

Steps to reproduce:

 * login as will, and run command ampinstmgr -a to start the instance. Receive error message that I need to log in as amp to start the instance ADS01

 * Login as amp, and run command ampinstmgr -a and it states that I cannot run the instance because it belongs to will

Actions taken to resolve so far:
I am not too sure where to go from here.

You’ve mixed up users at some point it looks like and used ‘will’ to run AMP or create instances which will have damaged the installation.

Do the following:

  • Edit ~/.ampdata/instances/instances.json to make sure the owner of all instances is amp
  • Run ampinstmgr fixperms as root.

That seemed to have worked. Thank you so much!