Login fields and buttons missing when setting branding "Forgot password URL"

OS Name/Version: Debian 11

Product Name/Version: Tested on v2.4.0.10 and FastTrack-20221102-040329

Problem Description: After setting a “Forgot password URL” for my ADS instance the Username,Passwort and login buttons disappear from the login page. As soon as I remove it again, they reappear. All other branding works without Problems. Checked also browser dev tools for any error but nothing except an error with example.com/example.png that is also there when the url is not set.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Step 1 Enable Branding
  • Step 2 Set a “Forgot password URL”
  • Step 3 Logout or open Loginpage in a new Window

Without Url:

With Url:

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Does anything show up in the browsers F12 error log?

Already posted that info :slight_smile:

Edit: Checked with firefox dev tools as well now (only chrome before) and yes there is an additonal error:

Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: href is not defined
    SetModuleInfo https://amp.mcinterface.de/Scripts/UI.js?v=
    APIready https://amp.mcinterface.de/Scripts/AMP.js?v=
    init https://amp.mcinterface.de/Scripts/AMP.js?v=
    async* https://amp.mcinterface.de/Scripts/AMP.js?v=
    jQuery 11
    <anonymous> https://amp.mcinterface.de/Scripts/AMP.js?v=
    init https://amp.mcinterface.de/Scripts/AMP.js?v=
    AsyncFunctionThrow self-hosted:811
    (Async: async)
    <anonym> https://amp.mcinterface.de/Scripts/AMP.js?v=
    jQuery 11
    <anonym> https://amp.mcinterface.de/Scripts/AMP.js?v=