Logged in but getting error


Failure to make API call to M1182 ( - retried 10 times : Connection refused



[0] (HttpRequestException) : Connection refused

at ADSModule.WebMethods.MakeInstanceRequest (m.Http.IHttpRequest request, String REQ_RAWJSON, String requesturi) at ADSModule.WebMethods.Servers (m.Http.IHttpRequest request, String id, String REQ_RAWJSON)


[1] (SocketException) : Connection refused

OS Name/Version: Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)

Product Name/Version: Currently running version

Problem Description:

Steps to reproduce:

login select a game server and just loading for ever
tested on chrome and ie = chromiuim

Actions taken to resolve so far: stuck having to reboot whole server

only way to resolve this was reboot server when im experiencing issues with the login page

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I have this also with Garrys Mod.