Licensing clarification

As someone who enjoys running mostly linux game servers, I came to AMP for the few games that require windows to host dedicated servers for my friends.

As such, I installed an AMP controller instance, a windows target instance, and a linux (debian) target instance. (still hoping for v-rising to get proper linux support.) Now, it hasn’t been quite 2 weeks yet to let the licenses settle, as I had some issues trying to install on server 2019 core. But I have some questions about the verbiage of the licensing, and I’m showing 6/5 licenses used.

Starting off, I see this in the 5 license AMP professional:

A single AMP Professional licence allows you to run up to 5 AMP application instances at the same time, either all on the same machine or on different machines.

AMP licences can be freely moved around between different machines as you please. All that matters is the number of running application instances.

Which I feel is fair enough just for game servers for friends/family. But I’m showing 6 licences used for:

  • 1 Host/Controller instance
  • 1 Windows Instance (1 game server running)
  • 1 Linux Debian server (no game servers currently running)

My assumption would be that, if instances of AMP are counted as part of the amp License, this would be a utilization of 4 of the 5 available licenses.
OR is the proper utilization just 1 of 5 licenses, as only 1 actual game server is running?

What defines an application instance per the terms of this license?

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

In your case only the game instances count. There’s an intentional delay in the monitoring to prevent abuse. Just be sure you’re within your limit of game servers and you’ll be fine.