Last Oasis - Getting it to work

I’m not really looking for an answer but rather providing one for anyone that goes looking here. Perhaps an admin will see this and fix the last oasis server deployment.

Just for reference, my server OS: Ubuntu Linux 20.04

After creating a Last Oasis instance, running update & start; the server doesn’t start. Even after going to and filling in the details(provider, customer keys) into AMP and after creating oases on your realm. It still doesn’t work, I kept seeing “steam id: 0” and various other steam warnings/errors(recommending me to put -NOSTEAM into the command line argument and that didn’t do anything) in the console and then trying to connect to the server resulted in an “authentication failure” error; so I spent much of the day trying to figure this out and here’s the fix:

sudo su -l amp
cd ~/.ampdata/instances/YOUR_INSTANCE_NAME/last-oasis/920720/Mist/Binaries/Linux/
nano steam_appid.txt
the only thing in this file should be the steam ID: 903950
ctrl+o to save the file and ctrl+x to quit

So after creating the steam_appid.txt file, the last oasis server starts and is connectable. I created a new instance to test this out and it is the only thing that is needed to fix the server. Hopefully this will help someone else and even better would be if the CubeCoders team would make sure this file gets created automatically. Cheers.

That’s easily added as an update stage. Most servers create that automatically, but …

I included this in the Wreckfest template, for example

Not sure if I’m posting this in the right place but I just remembered one other thing that needs to be fixed that deals with the template. I saw a post here from a couple weeks ago mentioning the server executable name was changed. So it was updated in the template on github. I just created a new instance to be sure and inside that same directory as above, the server executable is named “MistServer-Linux-Shipping” so it looks like it needs to be changed in the template file(GenericModule.kvp)

needs to be replaced with

You need to refresh your repos under Instance Deployment, then refresh the browser and create a new instance

Or are you saying that it has been changed back again?

Yes, exactly. AMPTemplates/last-oasis.kvp at main · CubeCoders/AMPTemplates · GitHub shows the Executable to be MistServer but needs to be MistServer-Linux-Shipping

That’s what it was before lol. Then the server devs changed the name so Mike updated the template. Looks like they have reverted. Stoopid

Yea seriously, that change would instantly break all servers on linux. Kind of an important file to be renaming it like that…this is the first time I’ve setup a last oasis server and it’s been…different…lol

@Mike tl;dr - Last Oasis binary name on Linux needs to be reverted to what it was before

Just to confirm. It is accurate:

And they have also changed the windows exe name :eyes:

Glad that LO isn’t one of my templates lol

Looks like Windows is calling the file in the main server directory rather than the nested one so it should still work. Just the Linux one calls the deeper one directly. Not sure why they both don’t call the server directly though.

Ah, yeah, forgot that. I raised that a few months ago when the template had other issues (typos etc). Probably means that metrics on Windows are broken given it will monitor the wrong process