Killing Floor 2 stuck in a "starting" state

OS Name/Version: Server 2022 Standard 20348.768

Product Name/Version: AMP Triton V2.3.3.4

Problem Description: On a fresh install of Windows Killing Floor 2 is stuck in a starting state. I have installed the various redestributed binaries (that came with KF2) for dot net etc and I can run the server from the command line. I performed the install of AMP using a standard user account and elevated using an admin account where required during the installation process of AMP.

This what the console looks like in amp - 


Update state (0x5) verifying install, progress: 99.26 (27699665243 / 27906035953)


Success! App '232130' fully installed.



Warning, Unknown language extension . Defaulting to INT


Warning, Failed to load 'Texture2D FX_GORE_TEX.FX_Gore_Blend_All_D': Failed to find object 'Texture2D FX_GORE_TEX.FX_Gore_Blend_All_D'

Warning, The Outer object (Package ENG_EngineResources_TEX.Dither) for 'ENG_EngineResources_TEX.Dither.dither_pattern' couldn't be loaded [while loading package ENG_EngineResources_TEX]: Invalid linker index [couldn't load Package ENG_EngineResources_TEX.Dither]?

Warning, Failed to load 'Texture2D ENG_EngineResources_TEX.Dither.dither_pattern': Failed to find object 'Texture2D ENG_EngineResources_TEX.Dither.dither_pattern'

[TWAnalytics::requestInventoryItem] Requesting Item Id: 0 but NULL steamuser


Warning, Failed to load 'ENV_OBJ_TWO_EMIT.StartingWake'! Referenced by 'ENV_OBJ_MESH.BioticsLab.ENV_Tentacle_Animations:AnimSequence_32.AnimNotify_PlayParticleEffect_2' ('Engine.AnimNotify_PlayParticleEffect:PSTemplate').

Warning, Failed to load 'ENV_OBJ_TWO_EMIT': Can't find file for package 'ENV_OBJ_TWO_EMIT' while loading NULL

Steps to reproduce:

 * Install AMP
 * Create KF2 Instance
 * Download & Launch vanilla instance of KF2

Actions taken to resolve so far:

Deploy new VM, Install fresh copy of AMP. Game Server runs from the command line.

Start the instance, start the server, let it fail. Then right click the instance and View Logs. Share the latest one and maybe I can get to the bottom of it.