Issues starting Squad dedicated server

OS Name/Version: Windows Server 2022 (21H2)

Product Name/Version: AMP Release “Decadeus”
v2.4.4, built 17/05/2023 17:54

Problem Description:

For some reason I’m having issues getting my Squad dedicated server to start. It gets to a certain point and then just won’t start. It just says starting server endlessly but never actually starts. Please view my console log here as it won’t let me put that many characters into the post: AMPLOG 2023-05-21 00-00-00.log -

Steps to reproduce:

Start server
Wait a couple of seconds/minutes
As soon as that last error in the log appears, the server won’t go any further with the start up process

Actions taken to resolve so far: Tried reinstalling server, restarting server, updating server, but so far nothing has resolved the issue.

On Discord, it was discussed that the config file was copied using Windows File Explorer and likely caused some permission issues. They are using File Manager now.

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