Issue with creating product in WHMCS and the AMP Module

Ubuntu 22.04 x64

AMP Release “Decadeus”
v2.4.8, built 25/01/2024 01:11

Problem Description:

We are having issues trying to add a product using the WHMCS module. We have the correct licence. We have added the server and got it to connect. When we goto add a new product and select the Module settings. We select the module name and we select the group name. It spins for a second and then the box under neath remains empty. 

We should be seeing from the drop downs that should be populated. We get nothing at all 

Any ideas


Is the WHMCS module up-to-date?


We downloaded the module yesterday so would expect that its the newest version. We are using PHP version 7.3.33

Would that affect the working of the module inside whmcs

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