Is there a way to force an update to the list of available forge versions for minecraft servers?


Sorry if this has been covered (I couldn’t see it in the search, but I’m low on coffee) - I need to update the forge modloader version of my existing minecraft 1.18.2 server.

Currently it’s on forge v40.0.44 - which is the latest version in the dropdown list that I can see using the AMP configuration webpage for that instance.

However, I need to update to the latest forge version available (currently 40.0.46 is available) in order to support some mod updates.

Is there a secret (or more likely, really obvious) way to update the list that AMP is using in the dropdown?

(I’m going to try creating a new amp instance and creating a new server from scratch to see if the latest available forge version gets refreshed, and then try updating amp itself on the host server. However, if there’s an easier way to ‘force’ an update, that’d be much appreciated!)



Delete ForgeVersionManifest.xml - AMP normally updates it on start so long as the existing file is at least a day old. You can delete it and restart the instance to get a fresh copy.