Is it possible to update nginx configuration after new instance was created


Consider the following

I have 2 servers running.

  1. Server running reverse proxy nginx on ubuntu
  2. Server running windows for AMP

These are all exposed using a single IP Address.

Thus, I will likely be making use of different domains or perhaps the same domain but different subdomains (not sure yet) for a reference to each individual instance that’s being created.

AMP has the ability to remap ports to increment for each individual instance that is created, to ensure different ports are used, however in order to keep things aligned and working perfectly without port differences, I am making use of different subdomains linked to the same “original port”. Using nginx configuration I am then mapping the domain:port to instance:port

This seems to be working fine but is very much a manual process still.

I want to automate this in some way. The logical thing would be to have AMP send out some sort of notification that a new instance has been created and then a listener to pick up the “message” and update the nginx configuration. This relates to deletion and port updates as well.

I could not find enough information on this topic.

Please advise on whether there is such a notification I can make use of and your suggestion as to what I need to make use of to alter the nginx file every time a new instance is created, ports are updated and instance is deleted.

so all of that is done on the DNS level not the proxy level. if you have 1 ip address, then amp and the server will just be using that. A Records for sub-domains or if you want to have the game servers each have their own sub-domain then your looking at SRV Records

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