Invalid username and password

OS Name/Version: Windows 10 / 22H2

Product Name/Version: AMPService version (Decadeus)

Problem Description:
So I was running AMPService version because I would never get it updated to a newer version but anything was working fine until today.
I think I did something wrong and stopped the instance manager while updating an instance.
I couldn’t start my Satisfactory instance anymore and also deleting it and creating it again I got an error State: 3 or something creating it (I can’t find any logs anymore).

Now when I uninstall and delete the AMPDatastore and install the newest version I get asked for my admin username and password but when trying to log in after that I’m only getting Invaled username and password. Any idea what I have to do? Or do I have to reinstall Windows?

Logs: (Sorry couldn’t find out the code block) these are the only logs that make sense to me

Steps to reproduce:

Just delete my AMPDatastore folder and uninstall and reinstall. While setup I can’t make a password. I also tried the terminal option and different passwords and usernames but it’s not working :frowning:

Actions taken to resolve so far:

Delete folders, uninstall and reinstall

Thanks and Happy new years!

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