Insurgency 2014 - enable Steam Workshop

OS Name/Version: Windows Server 2022/Build 20348

Product Name/Version: AMP/

Problem Description:

Hi, new user of AMP here. I need to enable support for workshop content on Insurgency 2014. When I paste a collection ID into the Workshop Collection ID field, nothing happens, the server does not download the addons. Same story with trying to do it using server.cfg (insurgency/cfg). I can get the server to execute the file, but that does not help with workshop. I added individual IDs into the Steam Workshop Items field, however it only downloads them and they remain unusable (i.e. it downloads a map, but when I try to run it using console I get output of “there is no map with this name”). Also when I try to join the server, no workshop content is being downloaded to my client.

When I tried to run the server using a .bat file with -workshop parameter and subscribed_file_ids.txt file present, it works like a charm. However when running it using AMP subscribed_file_ids.txt is totally disregarded.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1: Create an instance - Insurgency 2014 and update it
Step 2: Add a public collection ID to Source Server Setting/Workshop Collection ID
Step 3: Start the server
Step 4: Watch the console output and try to connect using a client = server disregards any workshop content

Actions taken to resolve so far:
1: Attempted configuration using insurgency/cfg/server.cfg (executing it)
2: Attempted adding Custom Options (launch parameters) in AMP
3: Adding Workshop items to Steam Workshop Items in AMP

Have you specified a workshop auth key? You usually need one in addition to the collection ID.

I didn’t, I will try. Thanks!