Instance Request - Survive the Nights

Hi - I know new games are probably added frequently to AMP; but I wondered if there was a chance to get Survive the Night dedicated server added to the list? I see there are rentable servers that host this game so am sure it must be do-able? :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

Assume you mean Survive the Nights?

Another damn zombie game lol

Yeah. That’s the one… :joy: it’s not particularly amazing but maybe will improve in time …

Another garbage server, at least the Linux one is. No config file supplied from Steam and a bunch of NREs when starting. It’s almost like the Linux server is only half-built.

I’ve got a basic template in Greelan/AMPTemplates:dev. Not worth I think spending much more time on it. But you’re welcome to get it a whirl.

Great. Thanks so much I’ll take a look but you’re probably right… I don’t think alot is finished with that game… not sure it will be!

It almost loaded but on the instance update it errors with Cannot find Server Config.txt and shows

Could not find a part of the path ‘/AMP/survive-the-nights/1502300/Config/ServerConfig.txt’.