Instance Activation Error: The Operation Has Timed Out

OS Name and Version: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.3 (Plow)
Product Name and Version: AMP Advanced Edition
Currently running version 2.4.8 - 20240124.1

This is an existing AMP server that has been used successfully since about September. This is the first instance add in probably 2 months.

Problem Description:
New instance creations are failing, with activation errors reported in log files.
Previously-activated instances are still running, but I am unable to re-activate them.

Steps to reproduce:

-Create new instance (any server or game type)
-Wait for instance start to fail
-View instance logs
Result: [18:57:24] [Core Info] : Starting AMP version (Decadeus), bui -

-Log in as user “amp”
-Run ampinstmgr reactivateall
-Insert license key
-View error in terminal output
Result: [amp@Heavy ~]$ ampinstmgr reactivateall[Info] AMP Instance Manager v2.4.7 buil -

Actions taken to resolve so far:
-Performed yum update and ampinstmgr upgradeall. Both successful.
-Verified activation server status shows up at the Cubecoders status page
-I attempted to reactivate my instances both in the GUI and in the CLI.
-I retrieved my license key again and set it in the ‘new instance defaults’ of the GUI.
-I tried to research the activation process so I could troubleshoot any potential network issues, but I was not able to find this information. This is why I decided to make a Discourse post.
-I confirmed I have access to locations on the Internet. I can traceroute to external sites. I also ran a traceroute to Cubecoders(dot)com as a test. The site does not respond to ICMP so the trace dies somewhere in the UK, but this seems consistent from other machines as well. DNS seems to be resolving fine.

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