Insall issue when tring insall on centos 7

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OS Name/Version: centos 7

Product Name/Version: (Always use the full version number - not ‘Latest’)

Problem Description:

when run the install script get an error message

[root@gameserver ~]# bash <(wget -qO-

Please wait while GetAMP examines your system and network configuration…

  • Checking installed packages…

  • Checking environment…

  • Checking network configuration…

  • Detecting network type…

System locale is not a UTF-8 compatible locale, it is currently

Please update your system locale to a UTF-8 one and reboot before running this s cript.

Please consult your distributions documentation for how to configure your system for a UTF-8 compatible locale.

It may be necessary to log out and log in again for locale changes to take effect.

[root@gameserver ~]#

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Actions taken to resolve so far:

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