Information submitted in AMP metrics reports

With your permission, AMP can send CubeCoders some anonymous usage data. We use this to help us understand how AMP is being used.

The information collected is as follows:

  • The operating system name and version (E.g. Debian 10)
  • The system architecture (x86/64 or aarch64)
  • How many instances are configured for each game type (E.g. Minecraft x2, Valheim x1, Factorio x3)
  • Which mode AMP is configured in (Standalone, controller, target, hybrid)
  • The CPU name and model, along with the number of cores and threads
  • The amount of installed RAM
  • The type of virtualization being used (if any)
  • On Linux, whether or not Docker is installed and if AMP is using it.

This data is collected no more frequently than once every 3 months.

This information is at the ADS level and doesn’t affect individual instances.