Import Previous 7DTD Saves

Hi all,

Tried several different things with no good results. I’ve been able to migrate my 7DtD world along with the serverconfix.xml from PC to dedicated NAS server in Docker. Now I’m trying to move these files to AMP Server but they don’t seem to be working - not even acknowledging they are there. Is it possible to migrate existing dedicated server worlds and serverconfig files to AMP, to continue playing in the same world?

Hi Piotr_Papiez,

Yes it is possible to do what your saying, but it does take a bit of setup. For the actual transfer of the data I recommend not using the drag and drop feature but connecting directly with stfp. I transfer data from a Windows server to the linux host using AMP so I use WINSCP, but any transfer software will do.

After you create the instance of 7d2d, you need to hit the ‘update’ button to install the base game. Then you need to create a Users folder. Inside that folder you need a “GeneratedWorlds” folder to put your map into, and a “Saves” folder to put your actual save game into.

Once those transfers are complete, make sure you’ve added any mods your using to the “Mods” folder in the File Manager (this is created automatically) .

Then go into your “Configuration” setting and go to 7d2d - Gameplay Settings. In here you need to set the “Game World” to the name of the world your using (usually like Xomhana Valley or something like that), and the “World Gen Seed” to the seed you used to create the world. If you dont know that its in the world info in your game world file. You also have to set the “World Gen Size” to the size you used to create the world. Once that is all done, set the “Game Name” to the name your using for the save, and you should be in business.

I hope this helps.

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