I have a Minecraft server and I play it every day. With a backup, once a week every Monday

I am updating you on the server. Unfortunately after your update. I reconnect to the site and they tell me there are no more files, the “plugging” tab I have access to but by clicking it doesn’t respond

At this moment, the most important thing is the backups I go to the backup tab where I recall I have at least 5 backups so once a week on Monday automatically. And surprise, I don’t have any backup anymore.

So I remind you, there are no more files, I no longer have access to the plugging tab and above all I no longer have any backups or I had at least 5. I restart the server by connecting to it. I realize that my world is still there but without any plugging and thank god that my friends and I were using it. Unfortunately I no longer have access, fortunately my world is still there but I don’t know how. And I no longer have access to anything even though I am an admin. I have reconnected many times to the site, I have refreshed the page many times, removed all the tabs from my browser. In short, I have tried everything but I I still have access neither to the plugging nor to my old backups nor to my server file.

Please tell me that there is a solution to my problem because it’s since your famous update and I’m thinking that maybe I’m not the only one to have had this “bug”?
Thanks in advance

My server is with hostinger.

We are not Hostinger, you should probably contact them to get this all sorted out.
You could try restarting your VPS to see if that kicks things over.