I can't install a node.js instance

Os Version : Debian 12

Problem Description :

Hello, I’m trying to install a Node.JS instance but it doesn’t want to work

when launching my instance, I have this error message which is constant, I have installed node js and npm but nothing works, I still have the installation of the software but which leaves directly after closing the error page

Erro :

Unable to complete task

This task could not be completed: Running Update Tasks - - State: 3.

Target and Data must be set for GitRepo update steps.

Task 1 : Install instance Node.JS

Task 2 : try to launch the instance

Task 3 : the error is displayed

If you can help me that would be great because I’ve been stuck for 2 days

thanks in advance

You’ve not configured the instance to tell AMP where to fetch the NodeJS application you want it to run from.

thank you for your response but can you tell me how I can indicate this to the panel

Configuration → Node - Settings