I can't get SSL (HTTPS) to work

OS Name/Version:
Debian 12 | 15GB RAM
Intel N95 (4C\4T

AMP Release “Callisto”
v2.5.0.4, built 04/04/2024 18:29

Problem Description:

I don’t understand it anymore. I have tried to reinstall the server several times but unfortunately. I can’t get SSL (HTTPS) to work and I can only run the installation without HTTPS. ports 8080, 80 and 443 are open on router and on the correct LAN IP address and I have even put the server in DMZ. what else can I do to get a certificate?

ps the A-record is pointing to my router ip to ofc.

I am new to Debian. so please in plain language :slight_smile:

[Error] Certbot failed with code 1

Have you followed the https guide on this forum? Also the install logs will have more details.

You meen this one? i try option 1 and now i cant do anything. looks like i need to reinstall agen :frowning:

I think i found the problem dont put a domain name in at the install of Debian :slight_smile:

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