How to use and setup Domain with Squarespace

I am trying to setup my domain so that we can use that to pull up AMP instead of the IP. I can’t find any useful information and when I do find something that I belive would work, it does not work. I have been trying this for the pas tfew months and have been unsuccessful and don;t know what to do or where to start. Any assistance would be greatly apprecieated.

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So, on the domain control panel you will need to find the option to manage DNS. once found you will need to create a new DNS A record.

Create an “A” record with the sub domain you want ( or blank to use the top level domain name only. ( Then enter your PUBLIC IP address and save that record. this will take a while to propagate ect. (TTL)

you can find the public IP address with a site like but you must remember to forward to ports onto the local IP on your router.

Note A lot of ISP’s will use dynamic IP assignment, meaning the IP set in the DNS record will become invalid and will need updating. There are ways around this, but for now i will assume you have a static.

Hope that helps.