How to give srcds more RAM?

My Garry’s Mod instance seems to be capped at 1GB of RAM, I tried looking around in the configuration for any way to change the amount of RAM “srcds” uses but couldn’t find anything.

Is there a special argument I have to put in somewhere?

Applications use as much RAM as they need, no more nor less. You do not ‘give’ applications memory - they take it as they need. There’s no such thing as memory allocation for applications that don’t run in a virtual machine.

Then how come the server is only limited to 1GB of RAM, I have 8 GB it can use but it refuses to take more then what is needed.

It’s not limited, it simply doesn’t need more than that. A CSGO server for example might only use some 500MB of RAM. If it needs more it’ll take more, if it doesn’t it won’t.