How to format Discord Webhook or how to use POST

Im trying to use the Discord Webhook trigger, but seems that it isn’t able to format properly the messages, it just send it as-is (is there any way to uses non-raw messages?). Now I’m trying to use the “Make a POST request to a URI” but it seems to do nothing. Is there extra I should know about this tool to make it work? I’m sending this:

  "content": null,
  "embeds": [
      "title": "Hay bajos TPS en la modalidad \"Creativo\"",
      "description": "Probablemente hay alguien haciendo una máquina de Lag.\nStaff disponible, favor de ingresar a verificar.",
      "color": 16734296
  "attachments": []

ContentType: application/json

I’m not posting the webhook by obvious reasons.
Trying this POST in a website or using CURL works perfectly.

Or is there any way to use Embeds through Webhooks?

Here is an example


Here is a tutorial for embeds: embeds - Discord Webhooks Guide

Which trigger are you using?
I’m trying with this and it does nothing… (even if I execute it manually)

(The URI is working good, tested with Postman as-is and 0 problems)

I tested it with the “SteamCMD update available” and executed it manually

Well, so how can I report a bug?
Because using any trigger (and manual execution too) on Minecraft isn’t working at all.

Have you checked that instances logs to see if it’s having trouble with the POST for any reason?

Didn’t know that AMP logs that things.
Here’s the error:

[19:35:17] [WebRequest:korinocho Error] : Failed to make web request via scheduler.
[19:35:17] [WebRequest:korinocho Error] : Misused header name. Make sure request headers are used with HttpRequestMessage, response headers with HttpResponseMessage, and content headers with HttpContent objects.

What version of AMP are you running on that instance?

Still on
Will update to later

Not being on the latest version is why you’re having the problem :slight_smile: 2344 has a fix for this issue. It was mentioned in the release notes.

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Thanks, now its working fine :smiley: