How to create spigot server


I created a minecraft server(java edition) and even I saw there is a tab with spigot plugins, but I think the server is vanilla server, “version” and “plugins” command don’t work in the server. So how do I create a spigot server with amp?

Thank you!

Type “spigot” into the top right search box within AMP while managing your Minecraft instance :slight_smile:

Thank you, I found that option.

I would like to ask is it possible to switch to spigot from the official server type, me and my friends already played for a while on the server. I created a test instance but looks like it will give error message “The update manager reported a successful update, but ./Minecraft/spigot.jar is missing.” Or will that work if I just simply download a spigot.jar from spigot and choose it in “Server JAR”.

Hit update again, otherwise you can indeed just supply your own jar file and specify it.