How to change to https connection after installation

want to change to ssl https connection after installation is this possible

currently using http with my fqdn

Windows or Linux? The instructions for each are different.

sorry its linux os debian 11

i need ssl to enable for rcon password creation

i think this should be added as a feature in the config to enable from within amp settings if you have not installed with ssl enabled and able to set fqdn tooo

You normally do this during installation. You can do it after the fact by running:

bash <wget -qO- postSetupHTTPS as root.

are there any ports i need to open for this to get ssl etc will it mess up my own config with port 8057

You need ports 80 and 443 open.

how do i manually rebind for https
ip will be FQDNS
Current settings as far as i can see
think this is option for it

i tried again with just FQDN setup but got totally locked out could not access the login page
image below is the sort of page i got same thing with https and fqdn

had to undo it by saying no to https

Hey how do you add a https connection to windows 10

@Therealzombiekilla you can open ports in the windows firewall
here is a guide on how to get to the firewall