How to Change Instance Name

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS

Product Name/Version:

Problem Description:

I would like to change the instance names on the server (not the friendly name). Would the following work?

  1. Shut down the ADS instance
  2. Rename the instance directories in .ampdata/
  3. Start the ADS instance

Will this work? Or mess everything up? :slight_smile:

You would need to stop all instances first.

At a minimum you would also need to change:

  • InstanceName in instances.json
  • Path in instances.json
  • InstanceName in AMPConfig.conf for the instance

There may be other changes needed if it is a generic instance.

ampinstmgr repair might be a better option after the directory names are changed but I am not sure how it would deal with the old instance details.

Of course, back up before playing around. :sweat_smile:

It will mess everything up as there is a Friendly name for a reason. Also if i recall correctly, you can not rename instances without things breaking.

You can try what @Greelan said above and see if it works.

I have done it manually in the past for non-generic instances, eg MC. Generic instances might have AppSettings that also use the old path in the kvp

Thanks for the advice everyone. These are MC instances. I’ll snap the filesystem first of course. We’ll see how it goes!