How to change between different AMP release streams

About release streams.

AMP has 4 main release streams. Mainline, FastTrack, Nightly and Bleeding. You can read more about them here:

Generally speaking, you should stick to the Mainline release stream unless there is a particular feature/fix that you need access to. If you have switched to a faster stream for a particular change, it’s generally advisable to switch back to Mainline once that change has been formally released.

Changing release streams

To change an instances release stream, you can run the following command:


For example, to switch an instance called “Minecraft01” to the “Nightly” stream, you might run:

ampinstmgr switch Minecraft01 nightly

Bare in mind that builds in different release streams may not be compatible with each other. A nightly build may have a version number higher than Mainline with API changes that make it incompatible. As such it will be necessary to upgrade your ADS instance to the same stream.

You can do a bulk upgrade of all instances by using the following:

ampinstmgr switchall RELEASESTREAM

For example you can switch all instances to the Bleeding release stream by running:

ampinstmgr switchall bleeding

Switching to a slower release stream

If you need to switch from a faster release stream to a slower one (such as from Nightly back to Mainline) to need to override the normal check that makes this possible. This is simply done by adding true to the end of the ampinstmgr switch or ampinstmgr switchall commands, for example:

ampinstmgr switchall mainline true

Will revert all instances back to the Mainline release stream.