How to allow experimental builds for 7 days to die on Amp instance server?

I can see the versions menu but this does not allow for experimental builds only stable ?
does anyone know how to do this please as I am wanting to run a V1 test server and it keeps creating a A21.2 build instead?

Stop server
Find steamcmd.exe in the folder
For example D:\AMPDatastore\Instances\SevenDaysToDie01\seven-days-to-die

Open steamcmd.exe

force_install_dir D:\AMPDatastore\Instances\SevenDaysToDie01\seven-days-to-die\294420

login anonymous

app_update 294420-beta latest_experimental

Wait for the update and then close steamcmd.exe
Start server

Steam>app_update 294420-beta latest_experimental
Success! App ‘294420’ already up to date.

needed -unstable adding to the end!

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