How to add start arguments to a PalWorld server?

I’ve looked through all the config, can’t find where to add start arguments to a palworld server via amp

open the global File Manger and navigate to the Palworld instance, then open/edit the

UE_TRUE_SCRIPT_NAME=$(echo "$0" | xargs readlink -f)
chmod +x “$UE_PROJECT_ROOT/Pal/Binaries/Linux/PalServer-Linux-Test”
“$UE_PROJECT_ROOT/Pal/Binaries/Linux/PalServer-Linux-Test” Pal “$@”

  • put your arguements behind PAL in the last row.

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You don’t - what arguments are you wanting to add?

Not OP, but I’m seeing it being suggested to add EpicApp=PalServer to your startup command to get your server listed in the community servers list if it’s not currently showing up. steamdb has it listed as a launch option. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be separate from the slider in AMP to set it as a community server or not.

Palworld Dedicated Server Config (App 2394010) · SteamDB

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