How to add a user to manage an instance

Howdy, I’ve been trying to create a new user to run a single instance but nothing I do seems to work. I followed the instructions for both types and it keeps telling me:
“This user does not have permission to access this instance. Please ensure that this user has the ‘Manage Instance’ permission within ADS for this instance.”

I know it’s my own user error ( but I can’t seem to figure this out )

Any help would be appreciated. I have the 5 instance license.


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Did you add the user at the top level, or to a specific instance?

The way around that is to login into the instance directly and create the admin user, then assign the roles to the user, or if there are multiple, to create a instance specific permissions group, and then I provide the direct connection for that user. You can’t create a root level user that works specifically in a instance, they must be local to that instance only. My typical setup is to add a subdomain (i.e for that instance in my haproxy server, covered by a wildcard letsencrypt cert, and it seems to work just fine.