How do user credentials work in AMP?

Hi everyone, first time posting here, so forgive me for any informalities!

I have used AMP for a few years now and love all the features and the interface for managing everything! I haven’t adjusted anything for some time, and as I was going through the settings, I noticed a few things that I can’t find any documentation for other than the brief description within AMP, or I just simply don’t understand well. When creating a user, it requires a password to login. However, the user can’t set their password, until I manually make one and input it in as the administrator. My first question would be if there is a better way to do this process? My second question is regarding the “Allow user-defined passwords” setting under security and privacy of AMP core. How does that affect password creation of users that are added to login in into AMP?

Thank you all for your responses and time!

In case this is important for responding to my post, specs:
Dell R620 1U server chassis
Linux (Debian 11) Operating System
Intel Xeon E5-2630 v2 (x2)
128 GB of ddr3 ecc
2TB SAS SSD (x2)
500GB HDD (OS Drive)
Intel 10 Gigabit XF SR NIC

The normal way you’d do this is to create a user with a temporary password and turn on the “User must change password” flag for that user so they set their own password the first time they try and login.

I see, so then what does the “Allow user-defined passwords” setting do?

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