How do I install AMP on an already configured Linux Server with running Minecraft server, website, teamspeak, etc.?

Hello, I am considering installing AMP on my currently running server. It is an Ubuntu server running a website with Apache and MYSQL database and Let’s Encrypt. Also a Java Minecraft server managed with an old tool MSM ( and an old Teamspeak server. I am taking over the server from a former administrator and would like to use a webpanel instead of having to manage everything via SSH. The problem is that I have only a little idea how to manage domains etc. but would like to keep the configuration without losing data. By this I mean that the website or domain remains accessible (it is a forum with many old posts and photos) and is encrypted via SSL and also the Minecraft server remains, this has the same IP as the website. How should I best proceed here? AMP seems to me to be a good solution here, however the tutorials rather assume a fresh Ubuntu installation and not an already set up server with domain, database and Minecraft server.

Thanks already

Same as you would normally. The only issue is you won’t get automated HTTPS setup because AMP uses nginx for that, not apache. That aside it’d all work normally. None of the existing stuff on the system is an inpedement to running AMP normally.

If you switched existing websites over to nginx and ditched apache (which frankly you should do regardless) then you regain that functionality.

Alrigth, so I should switch my website from apache to nginx for HTTPS and then I can just leave everything else as it is? Guess there are enough tutorials on how to do that. Thx for the answer!

Yup! Only thing you may need to do if you have existing game servers is add exclusions to AMP for those ports already in use so it doesn’t try and assign them to anything.