How do i get my money back, this doesn't work for the latest Satisfactoy?

I got this to host a dedicated server so i could get better fps in Satisfactory ans so that i can play with the gf on a shared world. But the version is pretty old that gets updated so i cannot use the server. I would like my money back.

There’s a pretty strict no refunds policy.

Odds are you’re using the wrong version. Inside the Satisfactory instance search in the top right for “Release” and change it to Experimental then update again.

I’m using the latest version of the experimental on steam, version like 20###, the version of the server after 3 attempts updating it is like 18###

Make a new instance, select Experimental like mentioned above, THEN run the update. Any other order might give mixed results. If it still doesn’t work I’ll try on my end and see what it does here.

I didn’t see an option for experimental in the drop down menu when making

It’s after you make the instance. Manage the instance and then inside search in the top right for Release.

Before you click Update inside the instance though.

Ok I’ll try that and ill get back if it didnt work, thanks for the help either way