How do I configure a "the forest" instance?

When I attempt to set up a dedicated server for “the Forest”, the configuration all seems to work but the game never shows up on either my local lan or the Steam. Additionally, I can’t find any sort of config files to set up admin passwords, etc. when I click on the “Manage” button associated with the instance it errors out. This is all running on the latest version of AMP, on one server that is currently running two other games successfully (both minecraft)
I feel like I am missing a step as there is no place to set any of the common config settings (game difficulty, admin password, etc)

well… I found where SOME of my problems were, I started a new instance of AMP on a clean server and it started up and is reachable, and I can manage it but I still can’t see where to change the server name and set passwords etc.

start your instance, double click on your Forest instance, go on configuration and server config…

only options I see on the server config page are : Server admin password, Server Steam Account, Save Slot, Enable VAC, and Server Save Interval. no options for server password, server name, etc.

Those settings aren’t there because nobody has implemented them. It looks like some of those options are new so they haven’t been added yet. You can find the configuration here and either modify it yourself to add the missing settings, or request those settings to be added: AMPTemplates/the-forestconfig.json at main · CubeCoders/AMPTemplates · GitHub

Also some of the settings are under the “Gameplay Config” category - AMP has a search box in the top right that you can use to find settings.

Ok, cool. I was concerned I just wasn’t SEEING the settings. I’ll look over the .JSON but in the mean time I found the server.cfg file in the instance and modified that there to some good effect. I can do what I wanted to now, thank you @_Aoki and @Mike for the prompt assist!