How do i access amp from outside of the local network?

how do i connect to amp from an external network?

for example, if wanted to connect to the instance manager from new york while my server ran and was based in san diego; how would i do that?

i read this really short article saying you have to port forward the AMP port so i did that but it doesnt seem to work.

ill give details upon request if somebody doesnt have a concise step by step explanation. thanks to any and all who take their time to read.

As long as you know your AMP login and ports 80 and 443 are correctly forwarded to your machine where AMP is installed, and you know your home IP address (if you have dynamic IP then register with a service like DuckDNS or Dyndns if you don’t mind spending a few dollars) then you should be able to connect from anywhere.

Even if you’re at home, simply test it’s working by taking your phone off wifi and just use mobile signal.