How are license Activations determined?

As per the title, how are license Activations determined? During testing and setup I’ve installed and “activated” my license three times across three separate VMs, after finally settling on my third install.

As it stands, I have one active instance of AMP running with three game servers, my license shows 10/15 for current usage, how is that determined? should it not show just the current active instance? Assuming activations is based on ports, why would it show the following

3 x Port 8080
3 x Port 8081
3 x Port 8082
1 x Port 8083

The license model seems clear enough but how the activations are determined isn’t.


I believe instance = A Game Instance, not a server / host.

So if you have 10 servers no problem, but if you put 5 games on each server then you would be using 50 instances.


That doesn’t make any sense either unfortunately, there is only two game servers running, and neither of those are found on those specific ports shown under activations.

I’m having the exact same problem. I have one server and one instance, but it states I have 4, none on ports that I’m using.

Do you happen to have any VPN software installed on the system running AMP?

No VPN software, it’s a VM running ubuntu under proxmox, out of curiosity I ran up another server and setup a few game servers which ran up the activation count, so I now know for certain that it tracks a game server as an activation (instance), though it doesn’t seem to track when they are deactivated.

If there is documentation around the licensing then I’m happy to read it but I couldn’t find anything official.

I’ve seen similar… which prompted me to click on this topic.

Currently I’m running a single server (Palworld) and have two other turned off servers (Enshrouded), but I see 5/15 activations. I’ve spun up probably close to 5 servers for testing, etc… and I’ve deleted some as well. So how are the activations tracked?

No VPN here either. No VMs, just AMP in Windows 11.


Deleting an instance doesn’t immediately free up the activation, it happens some time later. The specifics of this aren’t disclosed.

The licencing system uses a soft limit to allow for instances being removed and re-used. So if you reached 15/15 instances, it wouldn’t immediately stop you from creating new instances.

Basically - unless you get an email from the licencing system complaining about excessive usage, don’t give it any thought.


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