Hosting MC Server Via IPV6 & DDNS

OS Name/Version: Windows 10

Product Name/Version: Decadeus v2.4.6.4, built

Problem Description: I got starlink internet and Its in Bypas mode (which moves the routing capability to an actual Router) the Router I use is: RT-AC66U using the latest firmware: I am trying to host a MC server via this ISP. Since I have a dynamic Address which changes constantly so I setup a DDNS with a spare Domain I own “” through my router. It is connected and seems to work. But I am unable to ping the DDNS outside my network.
I have ipv6 enabled on my router (since online they say you can port forward using ipv6) and confirmed it does work (via a different file server thing I have).
I added the inbound ipv6 ports (25565 & 24454) through and directed them to the correct device. But whenever I have a friend try to connect to the server via the DDNS and port number it fails to connect.

Internally If I use that address I am able to connect to the server but no one else can connect externally. Is there a setting or something I need to adjust to allow friends to connect to my server via the ddns or does my ISP (starlink) block those connections by default or something? Or is it a possible router setting I failed to do or something with the DNS maybe? -

Actions taken to resolve so far: Feels like ive tried everything. Changing the DNS, port forwarding via IPV4 & 6, disabling the firewall all together on the router, pinging the ipv4&6 address, disabling NAT and enabling it, Rebooting the server, instance, and router. ETC

IPv6 doesn’t use port forwarding. Does your domain resolve to the IPv6 of your server?

I personally use Starlink at home as it happens. The only way I’ve gotten this to work is by paying extra for the Premium plan and requesting a routable IP address from their support.

As the other poster pointed out, IPv6 doesn’t use forwarding, each device has its own address - but as I understand its still NAT somewhere in the chain so incoming connections don’t work properly with Starlink.

I’ve set my Domain as the DDNS using my ASUS Router. So I think It points to the dynamic IPV4

I do have Inbound Firewall rules that seem to use internal Ipv6 addresses.
It seems to act like port forwarding since I have to tell it what Port, Ports, or port range to use and what device to route that to using IPV6

I use an asus router as well. I had to disable the IPV6 to get external connections to work since IPV6 will always take precedence. Since you are using the DDNS in the router, it will broadcast your WAN IPV6 to your DDNS, but once the connection gets to your router, it does not know where to send it since IPV6 does not have port forwarding.

The firewall in the asus router is just a firewall, it does not do any port forwarding.

If you really want to use IPV6, you need to broadcast the server that is running your MC application to your DDNS. Not use the router service. This way they would use your Port

You would then need to open the port in the IPV6 firewall in the asus router (If you have the firewall enabled) and enter the IPV6 address of your server.

Here is a good read on this for the second post down

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